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quality control management

Qontrol Devices Inc. strictly adheres to the management systems outlined in ISO 9001. As of 2004, QDI has been ISO 9001 certified and continuously strives to improve quality management systems. Furthermore, QDI ensures that all of its partners, especially those in the manufacturing supply chain, also strictly adhere to the quality management standards of ISO, TS, or other governing standard. As part of ISO management system, we are able to provide any relevant documentation as needed. This can be in the form of parts process documentation, inspection records, engineering change orders, or other documentation. 


As a requirement for automotive, trucking, and other industries, QDI is capable of providing full production part approval process (PPAP) documentation. All documents are retained unless otherwise required for submission.

Examples of some submissions we have provided in the past include:

-Design records and drawings

-Engineering change documents



-Process flow diagram

-Control plan

-Dimensional inspection results

-Material certification

-Material test report

-Performance test result

-Statistical process control

-Gage R&R

-Qualified lab certification

Quality control equipment

Our supply chain has access to critical test equipment and technology to support manufacturing and development of your projects. Projects with tight tolerances have access to CMM and optical projection technology for dimensional conformance. Projects with critical material properties and requirements have access to electrical, magnetic, thermal, and strength testing machines.

Active quality control

Our supply chain also has the ability to follow six sigma and/or lean methodology. We have active line dimensional or gage checking for critical dimensions. Statistical process control and capability index studies help ensure low rejection rates at all times.


With ISO9001 certificate, we follow our mission statement to provide greatest service for all of our customers. Our mission statement follows:

“The Organization is committed to providing the highest quality products for its Customers that exceeds their expectations under State and Federal laws and regulations. The Organization continuously strives to find the best material available including staff involvement, teamwork, training, and customer feedback and utilizes all its resources to achieve its objectives.”