hvac mounts

Rubber mounts

Rubber mounts are manufactured for specific load ranges based on operating frequency. Our engineering team can help select the proper mount for your application. These mounts are great for HVAC and other machinery, and are easily selected based on the physical characteristics of the machine only.

Air Mounts

Air mounts, similar to rubber mounts, provide the isolation for you application based on the operating frequency. Air mounts will provide a differing range of isolating frequencies from rubber mounts. Please consult with our engineering team to select the best mounting method for your application.

Spring Mounts

Spring mounts are similar to rubber and air mounts. They provide isolation for various natural frequencies and are easily installed. These are supported through impact resistant casings. Isolation ranges can be selected based on the selected spring’s spring rate.

Machinery mounts

Machinery mounts are designed specifically for use with larger machines. The leveling capabilities of these mounts allow the machine to be level, regardless of the surface. Rubber on the feet provide better traction and slight (unmeasured) vibration isolation.

Rubber Pads

See Products for Vibration Control/damping sheet section